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Purploon is the bridge between parents and the educational needs of their children. Informed parenting is the cornerstone of nurturing intellectual and emotional growth in kids.

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Concerned about what is on TV?

Concerned about what is on TV? The same applies to Kid's Apps too! Inappropriate Ads, Improper Concepts, Incorrect Pronunciations? Children remember and repeat actions they observe. Purploon is Ad-Free and Safe for children

Habits are changing

Habits are Changing. Technology is evolving, let’s make it worthwhile. We can't run away from technology. We cant be let left out as well. Choose the tech responsibility. Purploon is safe for kids, made by parents

Time with children

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein Spend quality time with your Kids. Purploon helps.


Purploon is envisioned as a larger brand umbrella focused on bringing safe & ad-free fun-learning modules to children. We focus more on after-school, rather than perfect curriculum alignment. We are direct to Parents and you decode whether Purploon is useful for your children

Yes, we have an App for iPhone/iPad and Android. Other offerings, like downloadable worksheets, etc will follow.

No. Ads-based monetization is against our philosophy for children. We as parents ourselves are concerned about the appropriateness of ads, the personal tracking which happens behind them, etc. So we decided to go with paid plans, instead of ads.

Purploon App brings you digital content in the form of picture books (turn page by page to consume). There are stories, learning modules, activities, and informative content.

This is precisely the reason, we don't do ads-based monetization which is all about increasing screen time. Purploon gives crisp-focussed fun-learning modules in a very short duration (eg: 20 minutes a day)

No. Currently, all the content is in-house produced, reviewed, and approved. Automatically curated content can give volume, but will never be completely safe and so we avoided this path.

Yes, check our Articles section:

Currently, we are in the pre-launch phase. Please drop us ( for an early access


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